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Banana King  Banana GAP standards of the Department of Agriculture. Certified GMP and HACCP 

How to grow bananas.

Converted for growing bananas , the distance of the banana crop in the growing popularity of the distance between the trees in a 3 × 3 m, 5 × 5 m to 10 × 10 meters, depending on the species of bananas planted it there . the much smaller . Nonthaburi gardeners planted a banana to banana cultivation in raised beds , which make the area less . So the banana plant on raised beds so often to keep growing by the distance between the rows of 2 × 3 meters. Banana cultivation during the rainy season should be the most ideal start planting when the first rains come after about one month of rain greater prevalence banana shoots will sprout , and grow rapidly . The banana plant is one is the banana fruit , which naturally when bananas out shoots to begin a shot up on the work, then the farmer will shoot at full strength by Bud blade (Bud narrow leaves ) that high. Species planted next to 40-50 cm .

How to grow bananas.

Gardeners how to grow bananas in two different styles.

  1. Grown dry.
  2. Growing water

The banana plant is dry.

The banana plant dry gardeners begin to embark on converting the existing weeds . Groove until then dig the soil to regain the new garden soil in sun for about one week, and then proceeded to dig a hole, plant a banana . Digging holes, planting bananas, popular hole to a size of about 20 × 20 cm depth of about 50 cm with soil mixed with organic groove bottom hole to a height of about 20 cm and then shoot bananas at the roots out down into the pit landfills. enough loose soil before the soil gently around the base of the pedal firmly , then water to soak .

The banana plant water.

The banana plant with water as a way to grow banana, which is not described in here if you are interested, please read the book of the banana, which will advice on how to grow bananas, water by the process of growing banana is. That's it.