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Banana King  Banana GAP standards of the Department of Agriculture. Certified GMP and HACCP 

Banana planting and care.

Banana plants like humid . These are suitable for planting in Thailand. If the temperature is below 14 ° C, bananas are stunted growth. Or are growing slowly. Including flowering and fruiting banana plants is slow with respect to a large plate . Therefore, it is not resistant to strong winds . Because the blade is against the wind . Cause a rupture. If the leaves are too fuzzy to make a synthesis of less food . Trees do not grow as they should. So if the area is very windy . Trees should be planted as a wind barrier and a banana .

The soil is suitable for growing bananas. The locals called the stream sediments. "Soil water sand", which is a fertile soil. With drainage. And good air circulation. If the soil is clay. Should manure. To clear up loose soil.


Banana plants with long leaves . If planted in the very near term . May overlap or the overlap is not enough sunlight to get hard and maintain the spacing should take into account the sun . Fertility of the soil. And the needs of growing banana growers want to harvest a few times. If you want to harvest only once, it may have grown rapidly . If you want to grow and harvest many times apart. To provide space for the spire .


Dig a hole 50 cm deep, 50 cm width and the excavated soil was dry 5-7 days after removing top soil to dry down to the bottom of the pit . Manure or compost decomposition . Up to about 20 cm of soil mixed with manure or compost into the top layer . Then that shoots bananas prepared . Placed at the center of the hole. Drown out the soil watered , and press the soil firmly. Most of the shoots should be about 10 cm higher than the level of bud scars should turn in the same direction. When fully grown, and fruit . The results will be in the direction opposite to the lesion. And in the same direction. For ease of operation. If so , caused by tissue culture . Is the direction of the lesion. In the beginning it is necessary to have a direction .

If the area is clay. Should make raised beds. To drain. Ridge and furrow cultivation on the two sides and to make the operation easier. Bud should put out a bunch of bananas to the middle groove.

Removal of suckers.

When bananas age 4-6 months will begin to sprout . Shoots called suckers born by (follower) of some banana varieties with many offshoots . Should take out some shoots . To prevent food from spoiling Bud mother . Keep it shoots 1-2 shoots to a support , even when the wind is strong . And to harvest the following year . How to get rid of the waste that can shoot sharp shovel or knife down. Or cutting or reaming shoots above the soil. I use kerosene. Or herbicide metered at the point of growth . To prevent the growth and so on. But, do not shovel shoots during flowering. Because he might have a concussion .

In addition to the removal of shoots. Dried leaves should be cut off. If left in a storage disease, one should keep the leaves for about 7-12 leaves.


Banana plants require more nutrients . The result will be more or less. Depending on the food and water they receive. Should be maintained by fertilizing . The manure or compost and fertilizer from growing . In the first phase should provide a nitrogen fertilizer during the first 2 months by a urea fertilizer once a month and 3 months and 4 fertilizer formula 15 - 15 - 15 kg division at 1-2 in the fifth and 6 The fertilizer formula 13 - 13 - early 21st 1-2 kg .

The crutches

Some banana cultivars are very fruitful. The large number and a large comb. The crutches are smaller if the subject fell less like a bunch of bananas bananas need to shore up the base bundle. Using bamboo or other wood with a fork.


Bananas to flower when different types of bananas, as bananas start flowering at the age of about 5-6 months and banana starts flowering at the age of about 6-7 months, the banana. And Hak Muk starch take longer and will be solved in a different time. As shown in Table 2.

To cover the bag

If growing bananas for export. Should cover the bag. The bag should be large blue plastic bags. And longer than the bunch Perforated periodically. And opened the bag. Make ventilated. If no hole and seal it tightly. Bananas can cause rot.